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ROMANOV ~ the last czar of russia

Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia

Olga, born November 3, 1895, was the oldest daughter of Tsar Nicholas and Empress Alexandra. She was described as "a splendid child, fat and rosy with a full head of hair". Olga was most like her father with chestnut-blonde hair and blue eyes. She was the more thoughtful of her sisters and very intelligent. But she tended to be more difficult and argued with her mother.

Olga along with her sister Tatiana, who was 18 months younger than her, were known in the household as "The Big Pair". They shared a bedroom and were very close to each other.

Olga was given the rank of honorary colonel of her own regiment, the Third Regiment of Elisabethgrad Hussars. As a soldier, she had to ride on horseback, so was expected to perfect her equestrian skills. She would go out regularly to inspect her soldiers.

When World War I started, Olga become more aware of the resentment that the the Russian people had for her family. She and her sister and mother trained as nurses and worked at the hospital treating wounded soldiers. When the family were being held under guard after the Revolution, Olga became more morose and less cheerful. She was almost 23 years old at the time of her death.

Tatiana, born May 29, 1897, was the second daughter born to Nicholas and Alexandra. She was her mother's favorite, was tall and stately like her mother and the classical beauty of the family with auburn hair and gray eyes.

She was also the leader of the children who gave her the nickname "Governess". Tatiana was the one who took charge of everything which did not bother Olga, who was the oldest.

Tatiana and her older sister Olga, were known in the household as "The Big Pair". Like their younger sisters, they shared a bedroom and were very close to each other.

Along with her sister Olga, she was assigned a regiment of soldiers, the Vosnesensky Hussars and given the rank of honorary colonel. She and her sister would go out and inspect the soldiers regularly.

Tatiana became a nurse during World War I and helped her sister Olga and her mother Alexandra treat the wounded. After she caught the measles, she lost a lot of weight and her personality changed after she and her family were held under guard. At her death, she was 21 years old.

Maria, born on June 14, 1899, was the third daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra. She was Nicholas' favorite daughter and was the angel of the family. She was a pretty girl with light brown hair and large blue eyes that were known in the family as "Marie's saucers". She was very loving and warm and had said that she wanted to marry a Russian soldier and have 20 children.

Her other sisters referred to her as their "stepsister" because she was so good and never got into trouble. Nicholas stated of Maria, "I was always afraid of the wings growing". Maria and her younger sister, Anastasia were known in the household as the "Little Pair", being the younger sisters. As well as their older sisters, they shared a bedroom and Maria tended to be dominated by Anastasia because of her energy and enthusiasm.

Maria was a plump girl in her childhood but had become very thin after her attack of the measles. She showed her bravery when she accompanied her parents to Ekaterineburg in April 30, 1918 after the family were kept under guard in Siberia. She was 19 years old at the time of her death.

Anastasia, born on June 5, 1901, was the youngest daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra. She had brown hair and blue eyes and was the jokester of the family who liked to play pranks on people and was the enfant terrible of the family.

Anastasia and her older sister, Maria, were known in the household as the "Little Pair", being the younger sisters. As well as their older sisters, they shared a bedroom and Anastasia dominated her older sister with her energy and enthusiam.

She was very short and thin but during the family's captivity, she became plumper and her mental development had slowed down. Even though she was living through a horrible time, she still managed to entertain her family during a performance. Anastasia took the male lead and she was supposed to turn her back and open her dressing gown. The tail of the gown went up to her back, showing her wearing her father's underwear.

Most people believe that Anastasia died with her family on July 16/17, 1918 but there have been claims that she had survived. The most famous was Anna Anderson, who claimed to be Anastasia. It was later proved that Anna wasn't the Grand Duchess. Anastasia would have been 17 years old when she died.


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